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How Windows 11 Will Bring Value To Your Business?

Windows 11 is set to roll out soon and most businesses are already looking to explore what new features the latest iteration will offer and how it will bring value to them. A quick look into the features and announcements reveals that it’s going to be a big leap forward with Windows 11 for Business’ productivity. Let’s do a little review and explore what businesses are going to get with this new release.

Better Collaboration and Improved Productivity

During the Windows 11 launch event, much of the focus was on how the new OS will offer improved interoperability with Microsoft Teams. It comes with Teams built directly into its core and allows users to collaborate better and with much more ease.

When using Windows 11 for business, you’ll be able to launch into Teams chats directly with just a single touch or click of an icon present front-and-center in the windows taskbar. There will be a mute button incorporated into the system tray to make access easier.

A lot of focus during the development of the new OS was on maximizing user productivity at work. Snap Layouts, for instance, is a new feature that helps users with a lot more orientation options for multitasking as you work across several windows and applications.

Cloud-Based Management

Microsoft offers cloud-based management solutions for deploying and updating Windows 10 and Windows 11 parallel to each other. Both these OS can co-exist and co-manage as they are designed in that fashion. The cloud-based management capabilities of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager allow you to consolidate endpoint security and device management into one platform and bring-your-own-device ecosystem. Here are a couple of use cases for this:

  • Using Windows Autopilot, Windows 11 devices can be deployed in a “business-ready” state with your desired set of applications, policies, and settings. It can also be used for changing Windows edition.
  • The control settings and configurations belong to the admins, and they are given complete control when enrolling different devices in MS Intune.

Furthermore, Cloud Configuration will allow enterprise organizations to ship corporate-owned devices under organization policy protection for any remote employees. Cloud Config simplifies the complete management process by giving an easier way out for streamlining devices through easy-to-manage endpoints. As a result, employees’ productivity can be enhanced manifolds.

Improved Security With New Features

Windows 11 comes with plenty of in-built security features that will offer the kind of security most enterprises often need some primary features that will make Windows 11 more secure include:

  • Hardware-based integrity protection
  • TPM chips become a must-have
  • Going password-less
  • Microsoft Azure Attestation
  • Improved Zero Trust security
  • Secured core PCs

Enhanced Application Compatibility

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 for business’ enhanced application compatibility allows you to run your Windows 10 apps on the new Windows 11. The data from App Assure Program shows a 99.7% compatibility rate for Windows 10 when it comes to enterprises that include line-of-business apps. Windows 11 is expected to offer the same app compatibility validation requirements for feature and quality updates as Windows 10. Using Windows 11 App Assure and Test Base for Microsoft 365 services you will be able to resolve any compatibility issues with your organization’s applications at no extra cost.

There’s a lot more on offer for businesses in the new Windows 11 that will be out soon. Choosing Windows 11 for business’ productivity will certainly simplify things and bring great new capabilities.

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