19 Shortcuts for YouTube

Shortcuts for YouTube in 2021

19 Shortcuts for YouTube That Will Make Your YouTube Experience Worthwhile

If you have also been addicted to Google’s premium video platform, you must be interested in knowing some useful shortcuts for youtube that will allow you to watch videos with ease and enhance your overall experience. is one of the most used and visited video platforms on the internet today. It hosts a plethora of video content from entertainment and tutorials to live streams and way beyond. Here we have 20 shortcuts and tips and tricks for You Tube that you should not miss out on.

Shortcuts for YouTube

  1. Spacebar

You might already use the spacebar often when watching videos on YouTube. Yes, pressing the spacebar when watching a video would allow you to stop/resume video playback.

  1. F

With the ‘F’ key you can be able to enter/exit full-screen mode during a YouTube video.

  1. Right and Left Arrows

Simply pressing the right and left arrow keys will forward and rewind your video respectively by 5 seconds.

  1. Up and Down Arrows

With these keys, you can adjust the volume when in the full-screen mode. Press up arrow to increase volume and down arrow to decrease it.

  1. 0 to 9 Number Keys

The number keys on your keyboard are also used as shortcuts for YouTube. Pressing any of these buttons when watching a YouTube video will forward it to a corresponding percentage.

  1. C

Pressing the C button from the keyboard will activate subtitles for the video being played.

  1. Home and End Keys

With these YouTube shortcuts, you can directly navigate to the start or end of your YouTube video.

  1. Shift + P

If you have any saved playlists, pressing Shift+P will directly open them.

  1. Shift + N

It’s a navigation shortcut for YouTube playlists. Pressing this combination of keys will take you back to your previous video on a playlist that is being played.

  1. Tab

The tab key lets you access the playback bar controls from the keyboard.

  1. M

Using the M key, you can activate/deactivate video sound.

  1. (+) Key

When watching YouTube videos with captions enabled, pressing the + key from your keyboard will make the caption fonts appear bigger.

  1. (-) Key

When pressed while watching caption-enabled videos, the – key will make the fonts appear smaller by reducing the font size.

  1. B

This is the keyboard shortcut for changing the Closed Caption background color when watching videos on YouTube.

  1. (>) Key

It will increase the speed of video playback when watching YouTube videos.

  1. (<) Key

The < Key will decrease the speed of video playback when watching videos on YouTube.

  1. (/) Key

Press this key to put the cursor in the search bar.

  1. (,) Comma

The comma key is used for moving one frame backward when a YouTube video is paused.

  1. (.) Dot

Press the dot key to move your YouTube video one frame forward when paused.


With these simple tips and tricks for YouTube, your YouTube experience will be simplified. Just remember these shortcuts for YouTube the next time you visit the video platform to watch your favorite content.

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