Kid Mode with MS Edge

Micrsoft Edge Kids Safety features

Microsoft Edge’s Kids Mode kid’s web content filter.

Microsoft is bring out a new Kids Mode inside its Edge browser, stopping kids from stumbling across any corners of the internet that you don’t want them to see. It is free to use, and it doesn’t need the parent to install any extensions or other add-ons. The new kid mode comes with a prepopulated whitelist that parents can add approved sites to, along with privacy protections. It also restricts common Windows keyboard shortcuts, so your little Houdini can’t just exit the browser window and start a new unprotected one. How do you set Kids Mode in Microsoft Edge?

Setting Microsoft’s Edge to Kids Mode.

  1. Open Edge
  2. Click on the User Profile Menu at the top-right of the browser window

  3. Select Browse in Kids Mode

  4. Select the age group from Five to Eight years – Nine to Twelve years

  5. Both groups include the strictest level of tracking prevention, and Safe Search. The older age range selection also includes a curated newsfeed from MSN for Kids, with things like science and animal facts.

  6. To switch back to the normal version of Edge, an adult must enter their Windows or macOS login credentials.

Browse Kids Mode doesn’t stop there, with a whitelist of roughly 70 kid-friendly websites allowed at the start. If you decide that another site is appropriate for your kids, for example, their school’s website for their online learning, you can add it to the whitelist. Microsoft is also rolling out more features this month, including password monitoring, an improved history search, and query categories for Bing search.


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