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Buying Guide for laptops for Business [ 2022 ]

Business Laptops Buying Guide in 2022

Business Laptops Buying Guide in 2022

When users are looking for a business laptop there are factors to be kept in mind. The key issue is the nature of the business: email correspondence, internet searching, word processing, QuickBooks Accounting to name a few. The needs of a laptop user with a small home, office or business could be change differently. The description above has taken that middle path in assuming the requirements of a laptop for business. But these are the different things to look for in order of importance:

Business Laptops
Business Laptops 2022
  1. Display Size: The ideal size of the laptop for a business you should be buying is 15.6 inch. 15.6 inch laptop keeps it from being difficult to carry it if your business involves travel or travel to and from an office. Viewing documents like PDF and worksheets will not be a huge strain on your eyes.
  2. Processor & RAM: The best course in selecting a laptop for business is to find one that has an Intel Core i5 or i7 or equivalent processor. 8GB (16GB for designing or QuickBooks tasks) RAM should be sufficient to handle most of the activities related to your business.
  3. Touchscreen & Keyboard: A backlit keyboard (with or without number pad) is preferred as it is useful while working even when there’s poor light. The touchscreen is another feature that will be appreciated by you while using your laptop for business but if the screen breaks, the screen is twice as much money to replace then a non-touchscreen.
  4. Storage: For performance get an SSD (Standard or M2) of 250GB to 500GB. I would suggest a secondary drive or the ability to add a second drive to allow for backup or extra storage
  5. Weight: Lightweight laptop. Anything from 2lbs to 4lbs. There are some thin models in the market. Focus on the performance factors over the weight of the laptop.

Here is a list of current laptops on the market that work well for standard business use:

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