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MS Teams: Essential Equipment for remote employees

5 Essential Work From Home Gears and Tools for Remote Employees MS Teams

One of the things we’ve learned from having spent all this time in quarantine is that working from home/ a remote location could be a possibility and in the future, and let’s be honest, it hasn’t been half bad, but did you at any point wonder how you could have optimized that experience for yourself? We have shortlisted some work from gear that, regardless of your field of work, could help you really get used to that laptop lifestyle. MS Teams.

1. Ergonomic Chair and Desk

Several studies have shown that sitting for over eight hours a day is positively correlated with an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease and related complications, in addition to back, neck, and wrist pains. These statistics can spell trouble for you, as it has been seen working from home adds to the average sitting time. Now, ergonomic chairs and tables may not cut the sitting time but they can provide specialized lumbar support which means improved posture and avoiding pains that result from bad posture. ergonomic chairs and tables accomplish that by allowing you to sit with both feet flat on the floor, waist perpendicular to knees, knees a little higher than hips with shoulders and ears all lined up to the hips.

2. PC or Laptop

Having a computer that meets all your needs is crucial, so you must take into account all of them before making a decision which means if, for example, you’re a graphic designer or a game tester, you might need to spend quite some money to be able to afford a PC that’s compatible with all of that. It is noteworthy here that you can, more often than not, find cheaper options for seemingly expensive operations such as running your high-performance applications with GPU dedicated server or Azure VDI.

3. Good Internet Connection

There isn’t much you can accomplish while working from a remote location without investing in a good internet connection. Everything from your correspondence and daily virtual meetings to reading up and processing information is heavily dependent on a good internet connection. It stands to reason then why you could want to make sure that you have a good connection with reasonable connectivity and security. Recently a study has shown that 95% of people that are in favor of remote work will consider investing in internet connection if need be.

4. Software Tools and Apps

Having a proper set of apps and other software is necessary to ensure productivity and efficiency. And we’ve taken the liberty to jot down the ones that we think could be helpful for you.

Zoom and Microsoft Teams have received rave reviews for videoconferencing and we believe that they’re indeed ideal for virtual meetings You can use SlideUpLift’s to draft highly impactful remote presentations with engaging templates and to communicate your ideas effectively.

Trello and Slack are also recommended for projects that involve teamwork and so are great for keeping everybody on the team on the same page.

5. Antivirus

If your employer doesn’t provide you with cloud cybersecurity services, you might have to take measures on your own to ensure that your system(s) are not prone to hosting viruses and malware. If your employer has a separate IT department,  that might be able to help you with that as well. Data has shown that the COVID situation has somehow led to an increase in cyber-attacks and threats. Given the dire need of the situation, we suggest that you don’t compromise at all even if that means paying through the nose for an antivirus program to ensure your own peace of mind and security of your data.




What is Microsoft Teams?</strong>

It is basically a vast range of advanced accessories which are beyond expectations of all users, especially in Office. Although Microsoft is a software company, these are the hardware products that win the hearts of the users. In Microsoft Teams, there are some minor but marvelous updates in the existing devices. Some products are brand new and latest in technique and advancement. Let us have a glance at all these accessories included in Microsoft Teams.

                  Surface Headphones 2 +

The company has upgraded its surface headphone line. The small updated feature is that there is additional on-ear control in Teams. There are other alterations also, for example, the feature of improved remote calling in other over-ear headphones. The price has also reduced to $250 for headphones 2+ from $299 at a premium.

                  Modern Mouse

The brand new products in Microsoft Teams are called “Modern Line”. The Modern Mouse is one of the latest created devices which serve as a driving force where the old, casual mouse is unable to perform some advanced tasks.

                  USB and Wireless Headsets

Along with the latest up-gradation of some features of already existing products, Microsoft Teams has introduced some other headphone devices which are dominating. The most advanced and modern addition to these devices is the Teams button. By using this feature, the user is capable of joining a call through the usage of the Microsoft platform and its products with so many advanced features. These devices have launched and are going to be available to consumers by this June at $50 and $100.


The webcam introduced in this MS Teams is probably the most enchanting feature of this whole lot. It has the following specifications:

  1. The webcam is 1080p camera range
  2. This advanced webcam can record a view of 78 degrees of the whole field
  • This webcam can also record the view of HDR quality
  1. There is a privacy button that shuts and opens all privacy options when used
  2. This webcam has a new and interesting feature of brightening the facial tone and retouching the face if the user intends to do so

This device with all its latest features could be so progressed and successful in the era before everyone started working from home due to pandemics. However, it still is a success against the pandemic era which is now a normal era for everyone. This device has launched and will be available to all users by this June at the price of $70 which is very reasonable from the point of its features.

USB-C Speaker

Microsoft USB-C speaker is an amazing device that has out-dated the normal speakers of other companies. Where Cortana can’t work properly, MS Teams is available there with its desktop speakers. It has double microphones for making Team calls and listening to music. This will be available by this June at $100.

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