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What are Smart Locks?

Smart Locks that will change your way of life

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  • Are smart locks safe?
  • Keyless: Phone replaces key
  • Some other ways smart locks can come in useful

What are Smart Locks?

How technology has transformed the world:

The world is transformed into a global village with many smart gadgets around us. We are using technology in everyday life as an essential part of our life we are surrounded with smart technology things which are getting smarter day by day. Technology helps us to safeguard our life with smart gadgets for security we use in our daily life which makes our homes smarter

What are smart locks?

Smart homes need smart protection. To achieve modern home security, manufacturers are raising the bar by making home monitoring devices smarter and more powerful. Instead of wasting a tremendous amount of money on CCTV systems that require expertise to install, why not check out these affordable alternatives instead? It is a new era, and you need solutions.


A smart lock is automated and mechanical locking device that opens wirelessly with the authentication of an authorized user.

In smart homes, smart locks allow homeowners to enter their homes and provide access to others without the need for traditional keys. Instead, the user uses a smartphone or key fob to check the door wirelessly and unlock it mechanically. Smart locks are an extension of home automation to home security. As a connected device, smart locks can be considered part of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Many smart lock systems use mobile apps or websites to allow homeowners to send virtual keys to grant access to third parties. The virtual key can be sent via SMS text message or email to access guests or service personnel. Upon receipt of these encrypted digital keys, you will be able to access your smart lock for a preset period. In addition to restricting access, many smart locks provide a means of logging access and monitoring the use of certain secure doors. Some smart locks are equipped with a camera that provides a photo of the person accessing the door and creates a photo log for easy reference.


Potential vulnerabilities in smart locks raise security concerns. Security advisors should not necessarily consider smart locks more secure than traditional locks and keys and encourage users to carefully consider their settings and options.

Historically, intrusion prevention, security threat detection, theft, damage, or injury relief has served as the primary motivation for ownership of a security device or system. Interestingly, property crime per 1,000 US residents has declined for 25 years from its 1991 highs. Still, security service providers often experience a surge of interest when homeowners become anxious due to nearby crimes. Consumer attitudes towards the safety and security of property and loved ones, regardless of personal experience, naturally encourage recruitment.

Are smart locks safe?

Nowadays, there are many alternatives for updating your home to make it smarter and more technically advanced. A 21st era home work’s for by themselves. Locks are no exception.

Nowadays, there are many options for modernizing your home to get it smarter and more technologically advanced. A 21st century home works for you. Locks are no exception.

Advantages of using smart locks.

With smart locks, you can always know if a door is locked or unlocked, you can allow or deny access with a smartphone app, and the lock fits properly into a complete smart home. It’s innovative, convenient, and safe.

  1. Convenience: Last year’s key was very

Losing a key is a long-standing human experience. First there were key chains and straps to help with tracking, then automated tracking devices were created. Using a smart lock eliminates the trouble by eliminating the need for a key. The smart lock syncs with your phone and an app open and close the door for you.

I’m trying to turn my house over and find the key when I’m fishing in my bag, when I’m panicking when I realize I’m locked out, or when I’m already behind schedule Think about the time. These days we always have a phone. With smart locks, you need to keep record of one thing less.

Some other ways smart locks can come in useful:

If you forget your smartphone or low battery, several smart locks have an alternative to escape this. For instance, a lot of smart locks have a keypad that permits you to get entries that way. Some have gone one step further to create a keypad that shifts digits so that potential thieves can’t deduce the code with dirty fingers. Other models have thumbprint detection capabilities.

Some versions identify your phone from a remoteness, so it locks when you’re out and opens when you get close. Others that you can plan to lock at a certain time know that your house will lock immediately at sleep time so you can sleep easily. Getting it keyless is also valuable for remote access, but it’s a privilege that we have included later its own.

  1. Connect: Synchronize your smart lock with smart home

The suitability of smart locks is doubled when combined into an already smart home by synchronizing with CCTV cameras, thermostats, illumination, and digital personal assistant.

When think about protection, smart locks can improve safety cameras and smart bells. When a guest rings the bells, you can open the door to find out who the guest is and grant entry immediately. You can also put the safety camera to turn on when somebody opens or attempts to open the main door.

Matching your smart lock with more smart gadgets can also help in less crucial ways. When you get home, the lights will spontaneously turn on and the sensor will be adjusted to create a more relaxed room temperature. It is as if your home is welcoming you, making you pleased to be back at home. It is all likely with an incorporated smart lock.

If you have a digital personal assistant as Amazon Alexa, you can now take benefit of an extra hands-free technique for closing and opening doors. If your buddies are awaiting outside and you are busy, you can simply grant entry. And after the whole day your personal digital assistant will turn off all the lights and set the Room temperature according to the weather and close all the doors for entry.

  1. Keep On connected: Verify in with a lock with your phone

Your phone is synchronized along with your smart lock so you can be informed whenever it’s opened or closed. if you remember locking the door earlier than getting out or getting to bed are over. You can re verify just by looking at your phone. If you’re moving around, you can relax ensured that the whole thing is going well by verifying out the smart lock app on your phone. When people stop by marine plants, check animals, or bring about in mail, it’s typically quite likely that the doors will be left unlocked by mistake. But with smart locks, you can keep your home secure. If your child lives in your home, smart locks can help you out to keep track of your children. Let’s say you’re stuck at job and doubting if they’re okay to get home from school. Your phone can let you tell when they come home securely. Smart locks fully reduce that fear.

Drawbacks of smart locks

Is all this convenience essential to you? Do smart locks really improve your life? To decide, you need to add a small amount of security to weigh up the ease and price and the modifications you need to make.

  1. Installation price: How much it costs?

Conventional deadbolts typically cost less than $50. You can add a few more fittings, but your main door may previously have deadbolts installed. If you need to change a deadbolt you already have, it’s easy.

Smart locks, are more expensive, generally ranges from $ 200 and $ 500. This is perhaps a major investment in what you even now have, and it still performs very well. In addition, installing can be complicated, particularly if you need a full connection.

If you want to replace the conventional deadbolt with a smart lock, you must decide that the smart lock you select works in the current alignment of your main door.

  1. Security:

Every lock could be physically sidestepped if the person attempting to pass has sufficient knowledge. Smart locks are just normal deadbolts with new technology to do real actions. It can be penetrated in the same way, particularly if the smart lock has a key position.

So, physically speaking, smart locks aren’t safer than conventional deadbolts, and in some situations, they’re poorer to the best conventional deadbolts.

Cyberattack. If smart locks are fully networked, the full house can be chopped as easily as your internet connection. Smart lock creators are starting to prioritize resistance to cyberattacks, but for now, smart locks seem to be easily hacked.

Phone theft. The last way smart locks become vulnerable is to use the phone. Your cell phone is used as key, so if somebody has access to your phone, they can use it as a free pass to your entire home, as well as your text messages, emails, and private photos. The next section details the shortcomings of phone keys.

  1. Keyless: Phone replaces key

One of the great conveniences of smart locks is that you don’t have to worry about keys. But that means you must stay on the cell phone you have.  However, if you are not very stuck to your smartphone, you’ll need to make other adjustments. Not only do you need to carry your smartphone with you whenever you leave home, but you also need to make sure your smartphone is fully charged. If your smartphone has a battery problem, you can manually enter a code on the lock.

  1. Wi-Fi stop and battery:

It is a myth that if you are using a smart lock, a power outage will prevent your house from entering. The main challenge was the power backup for when the inventors of smart lock was making their product. Smart locks now have a manual key or a USB / Battery port that will allow you to run the smart lock.

 Smart locks are mostly powered by some kind of battery and are not affected by power outages. There is generally another option if for some reason the normal opening method is not accessible Smart locks on the other hand are new in the marketplace, so their lifespan is still unknown. But do you really think it will last forever, based on your personal knowledge with technology gadgets and updates to conventional mechanisms? Also, how much ability do I have to maintain and fix my smart lock in the event of a problem, or do I need to contact a repair person?



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