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SharePoint Online improves Business Productivity

Why choose SharePoint for your business?

SharePoint Online improves Business Productivity SharePoint allows you to access your files remotely, work in collaboration in teams, and keeps your data backed up in case of any emergency. It also allows its users to share and manage the files collaboratively. Due to its simplicity and reliability SharePoint is always recommended to all businesses. It lets the users work cooperatively across the office and country.

Why choose SharePoint?

There are several reasons for this. Some are as follows:

§    Worry-free Access

Formerly, users had to pay for a SharePoint developer to bring into action an on-premise SharePoint environment. Nowadays, SharePoint has become a part of your Microsoft 365 subscription. For this reason, you do not have to pay the high costs that come with other on-premises collaboration tools. It allows Microsoft 365 to administer and maintain the infrastructure for SharePoint. It saves time and resources so you can stay focused on your business.

§    Simple Prices

In contrast to most cloud subscriptions, the pricing system is quite simple and straightforward. Microsoft has three different plans to offer for enterprise business. Microsoft 365 E3 ($32 per user/ month) Microsoft 365 E5 ($57per user/ month) Microsoft 365 ($10per user/ month) SharePoint is present in each one of these tiers.

§    Document and File Sharing

With SharePoint, you neither have to email the documents back and forth nor through them to find out which one is the most recent. Setting up a SharePoint team site will enable the team to store files, data, and news. The documents can be shared quickly by creating a link using the Share button at the top of the Document. You can also synchronize all documents in SharePoint to your file explorer in Windows.  Now view and edit documents from your mobile phones using the SharePoint mobile app.

§    Communication and Processes

SharePoint is the best way to manage communication with your employees and team members. It is when configured correctly, an essential intranet for any organization. You can construct pages and sites of your own to improve productivity and align the departments. Microsoft Teams is linked with SharePoint seamlessly. ‘Teams’ is Microsoft’s online meeting tool that allows the users to chat, call and meet in collaboration. Through Site Pages in SharePoint, the members can view and access the different kinds of information. By using notifications and approvals different workflows can be built. These complex workflows bring the teams together to achieve goals.

§    Cloud Back-up

SharePoint is the only component of Microsoft 365 which is a suite of products. You will enjoy the brilliant features of SharePoint while experiencing the value and ease of a connected suite of products. Applications that are very useful like; Word and Excel Spreadsheet can become more powerful as these can be stored in SharePoint. Using the option of ‘versioning’ you do not need to save all versions of a file. With this option, SharePoint saves all the versions of a file as you make changes in it. Final Verdict SharePoint Online can make your business more connected and efficient. Business owners can purchase the license from Microsoft directly and set it up all on their own. It will increase business productivity.

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