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Office 365 Backup Veeam versus Synology NAS for Business Use

Office 365 Veeam & Synology Backup

Office 365 Backup Veeam versus Synology NAS

Office 365 is starting to expand its offerings and integration from email to teams to SharePoint.

What is Synology NAS vs Veeam Office 365 Backup?

NAS or network-attached storage is a storage device that connects to an office’s network of different computers.
Synology software only works on certain models of Synology NAS’.

Veeam Office 365 backup CE can be installed on almost any hardware.

Synology Active Backup for Business
Synology Active Backup for Business

What is Synology Active Backup vs Veeam Office 365 backup?

It is advanced backup and quick recovery software that accompanies Synology NAS. It provides a backup for multiple Windows endpoints, VMware, Hyper-V, and other file servers without the extra cost of a software license. The active-backup suite is a combination of three packages installs on a system supported by Synology NAS:

Veeam Office 365 backup CE only backs up Microsoft 365

Why choose Synology Active Backup vs Veeam Office 365 backup?

Synology Office 365 Active backup, you can have complete control of the data in Microsoft 365. In addition, you are provided with a backup solution to protect your data in your files, PC, or servers. Here are some features which will describe why Synology active backup for Microsoft 365 is better than Veeam backup:

Þ   Unlimited Backup

Synology Active Backup Office 365 can be used to backup your data from unlimited user accounts. It permits the backup of multiple user accounts as long as there is storage capability. Veeam 365 backup is limited it the number of users.

Þ   Free Backup

Synology Active Backup for business is a free add-on application that accompanies the Synology NAS. It is free of cost. There is no need to buy any license to use this backup application for your PC and file servers. But you do need to buy the device and drives.

Þ   Data Recovery

Both allow you spare time by instant search and granular recovery option for the recovery of an individual object. Granular recovery of Microsoft 365 retains not only the specific file but also the original access permission in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Þ   Minimized Duplication

The storage space that is required will minimize by controlling the duplication of identical files. Similar items are stored only once on Synology NAS with block-level deduplication.

Þ   Synology Flexible Backup

The backed-up files can also be updated or edited. Any alteration in the file contents will create an updated version of the file. The previous version will also be available on restoring as long as the time you have set for the file retention.

Þ   Both can Export and Share Data

Users can now back up the Microsoft 365 mailboxes, archives mailboxes and can share these also. The folders can also be exported. You can export your mails, contacts, groups, and calendars in any format eml, CSV and isc respectively. OneDrive data and mails can also be exported from active-backup 365 in Office file format.

Þ   Instant Search

For quick searching of a mail or individual file, instant search is the best feature. The user can use keywords to find and preview the backed-up data within minutes. Even the mail attachments can also be filtered using the instant search option.


Synology NAS Active Backup Office 365 is an excellent backup and recovery application. It requires no cost for a license but it does for the device and drives. It provides quick backup and instant recovery for multiple user accounts. Strictly on cost for small business’ Veeam is the way to go. Veeam Office 365 backup CE gives the small business a backup at no cost.

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