Healthcare: How To Increase The Number of Patients with the Help of Automated Apps?

Healthcare apps to increase patients

In this day and age, simply waiting for healthcare customers to show up just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have got to use all the technology at your disposal to market your product/ service. If you run a health care facility and have problems attracting patients, we recommend (also an app).

Demandforce can help you with several aspects of your business—discussed individually in detail below— so your business is never at a comparative disadvantage!

Online Appointment Booking

Demandforce, easily accessible through your webpage, lets patients set appointments online without ever having to visit or call your facility. The patients can choose the date/time that suits them leaving your staff with one less thing to worry about.

Automated Appointment Reminders

In addition to setting the appointment, makes sure the patient doesn’t miss it. You can control the set and type of media being sent out as a reminder. It could be email, text message, voice, or a combination of all three. Reminders can be received over any of the following: email, Demandforce mobile app, Demandforce live desktop app, or Demandforce portal. Patients can still choose to have your staff call them to remind them. check it out here:

Patient Feedback

Demanforce knows that patient feedback is crucial not only for making the patients feel valued, but also to improve your business, and that’s why it makes sure to record all the feedback it gets. This feedback can later be used for promoting and branding on social media—an extremely powerful tool.

Email Marketing

Demanforce keeps all your patients in the database and lets them know of your latest services, innovations, and promotions through email. Email marketing functionality may also be used to send out helpful information to your patients to help them make an informed decision about the services you provide.

Marketing Across Social Media

It goes without saying that Social media is essential for a business today and Demandforce knows how to use it to boost your branding and visibility. It attracts new customers and keeps them engaged and satisfied with your services.

Flexible reminders builder

The flexible reminders builder allows you to tailor your response/ reminders to the patient according to the situation: various kinds of reminders used e.g. save the date, pre-appointment, day-of/follow-up, and those for particular procedures with specific requirements.

Fully Customizable Templates

In Demandforce provides you with customizable templates to match your needs. It then saves all the templates and choices you have made with your web design and uses all of them to execute tasks you assign it.

Automated Recall

To help you reach old clients keep the current ones engaged with you, it lets you set up recall messaging initiatives through email or text messaging along with other reminding services.

Integrated System

Demandforce is also compatible with almost all other scheduling software which makes for a unified scheduling platform for both you and your patients.

To sum up, we recommend Demandforce because it is very convenient, efficient, and promises you great customer engagement.

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