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Microsoft Teams Integration With Windows 11

Let’s Explore What New Capabilities Microsoft Teams Brings

Microsoft Teams Integrated With Windows 11 – Let’s Explore What New Capabilities It Brings

Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Teams as a flagship feature in its new Windows 11. By adding the Teams Chat feature to the Windows 11 taskbar, Microsoft plans to make Teams meetings look even simpler. The new feature is now available in the preview builds accessible in the Microsoft Insider Program’s Dev Channel. Let’s explore how Microsoft Teams integrated with Windows 11 looks like and what new capabilities it brings to your Windows 11 experience.

Microsoft Teams Integration In Windows 11

Currently, the Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11 is referred to as Teams Chat, and it is somewhat like Skype Meet Now. However, you can expect a significantly improved experience overall. A simple reason behind this is that the chat app integrated with Windows 11 is based on MS Teams 2.0 that is powered by Microsoft Edge’s WebView (Chromium).

Is Teams Chat The Same As Microsoft Teams Client?

Well, no! The Microsoft Teams integrated with Windows 11 is not a full-fledged MS Teams client, and rather a chat and video calling solution that we otherwise know as “Meet”. It will allow Windows 11 users to quickly launch the chat feature from the Windows 11 taskbar and access their Microsoft Teams conversations right there.

How To Use Microsoft Teams Chat In Windows 11?

With the new chat feature enabled on your Windows 11 installation and Microsoft Teams logged in, you can launch Teams Chat by clicking the Chat icon from the Taskbar. Alternately, you can also launch it using the Win+C shortcut key. A new window will open, and it will have all your Microsoft Teams conversations.

To start chatting, just locate the contact you want to chat with and shoot them a quick message. If your chosen contact is not already using Microsoft Teams, they will get an invitation to join along with your message. The message will be delivered to them through SMS or email. If they are already in your Teams contacts, you can find them with the help of the Teams search feature.

It is also possible to sync your Outlook and Skype contacts with Teams Chat to make communication with your family and friends easier and better.

When you click a conversation in the Teams Chat window, it will launch the MS Teams app. And, if you haven’t installed the Teams app on your Windows 11 already, it will prompt you to download it.

A Few Limitations and Future Plans

Currently, you can use the Microsoft Teams Chat to send/receive messages only. Microsoft hasn’t yet implemented the video calls or meeting feature, but they are certainly in their plans for the future. Besides video calls, they will also extend support for screen sharing, presence and status settings, etc.

For now, the Microsoft Teams integrated with Windows 11 is available only to testers who are part of the Windows Insider program. The public release will follow later in 2021. So, if you have a compatible device, you can start using the Teams Chat integration right away on your Windows 11 machine. Otherwise, just wait a bit more to get your hands at it.

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