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Top 3 Best Video Conferencing Software

Video Conferencing Software

Top 3 Best Video Conferencing Software

Video conferencing is an important capability for businesses, especially, in times when working remotely has become a norm. With the right video conferencing tools, businesses can achieve better productivity and meet the needs of a modern workspace. Conferencing solutions can be used for everything from meetings and updates to general communications. With so many options out there, however, it is important to pick the best video conferencing software with all the features and capabilities to serve your specific needs.

Here we have shortlisted the top 5 tools that can be your preferred software for all your video conferencing needs.

  1. GoToMeeting

First on our list is GoToMeeting. It’s a standalone service for web conferencing that offers audio/video conferencing and screen sharing capabilities. It’s a mobile-friendly tool that allows you to set up your meetings right from your smartphone – a key capability that sets it apart. With GoToMeeting, you also get the option to maximize image and call quality. It allows for one-tap invites to let team members join chats and meetings.

The software offers all the standard features with the basic payment plan, and there’s a limit of 150 team members to join the meeting. Now, that’s generous! Most businesses won’t need anything more. With the Business Plan, however, you can increase it up to 250 participants and also get access to some admin features, drawing tools, and mouse sharing. With the Enterprise plan, the software allows you to accommodate a maximum of 3000 participants.

No matter what plan you choose, you get 24/7 support, HD video, screen sharing from all your devices, unlimited meetings, messages, and web audio without a phone. You can try GoToMeeting with a free 14-days trial as well.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows users to schedule audio/video meetings with a team or an individual using a single application. It’s also a great tool for organizing webinars and big meetings that may have up to 10000 participants. With full Microsoft 365 integration, it allows you to take advantage of Microsoft 365 Voice for all your business telephony needs. Microsoft Business Voice allows you to schedule your calls and share invites with the participants from your organization. Besides, external guests may also join the meeting using their web browser with no need for downloading the application.

With MS Teams, you get a range of features that you’d expect from any leading video conferencing software. These include call recording, screen sharing, live captions, chat, background blur, and a lot more. The Microsoft 365 integration makes it the market-leading video conferencing tool. It’s an ideal choice for businesses that are already using Microsoft 365 and plan on reinventing the digital communication of their organization.

  1. Google Meet

Previously known as Google Hangouts Meet, Google Meet is included in the Google Workspace platform for office productivity. It’s been developed, particularly, for businesses and caters to a large chunk of users simultaneously. With Google Meet, working with your external clients becomes a whole lot easier as the software offers you a perfect web app experience – no software downloads included. Besides, you also get a dedicated dial-in number to allow your employees to join in while also ensuring that you get the best line quality without any drop-outs. You can also make it work with your existing hardware for conferencing.

So, if you’re looking for answers to get the best video conferencing software for your business, the ones above should do nicely. Get on board and take your organization’s communication and collaboration to a new level and increase productivity.

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