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6 Exciting New Features Introduced In Microsoft Teams In 2022

6 Features Introduced In Microsoft Teams In 2022

6 Exciting New Features Introduced In Microsoft Teams In 2022

Microsoft Teams has been one of the best productivity software out there, and it’s getting better every day. The software engineers at Microsoft have been continuously working to add new features and improve the functionality of Microsoft’s premium offering for businesses. Some amazing new Microsoft teams business features have been added to the app in 2022 and you should definitely check them out.

Have a look at our compilation of 6 exciting Microsoft teams features and benefits and see how you can use them to make your teams’ collaborations more productive.

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  1. Meet Now

One of the best features-microsoft-teams offers in 2021 is “Meet Now”. With this feature, business teams can now have instant meetings using MS Teams. You can initiate a meeting from the Calendar or your preferred Channel. Follow the steps below to schedule instant meetings:

  1. Click the ‘Meet Now’ button from the Microsoft Calendar.
  2. Input a meeting title and specify audio/visual sources to set your custom meeting details.
  3. Click ‘Join Now’ to activate your meeting. This will activate a link to help invite more participants to the meeting.

Select desired Channel from the Channels list so that your meeting could be started.

  1. Schedule Meetings On Outlook

With this feature, instant team meetings can be scheduled on Outlook. Follow the steps below to do that.

  1. Launch MS Outlook and initiate Calendar View mode.
  2. Click ‘New Teams Meeting’.
  3. Add participants in the ‘Required’ field.
  4. Set custom details for your New Meeting and specify its ‘start time’, ‘end time’, and ‘location’.
  5. Type in your welcome message that you’d want your team to see when as they join the meeting.


  1. Meeting Recap

One of the most sought-after features of microsoftteams app, the ‘Meeting Recap’ allows you to keep tabs once a meeting has ended. With this feature, team members can review their meeting details, audio and visual recordings, transcripts, and chats from one single location. All these details are accessible through Details and Chat tabs.

  1. Grid View

With the Grid View feature, the team members are able to view all the participants from a central location. It’s helpful in viewing staff, members of the learning community, and more. This feature also enables simple and seamless navigation.

  1. Back Arrow (View Task History)

This feature enables users to review their past activities with a simple hover on the forward/backward buttons in the top left corner of the screen. With ‘Back Arrow’, the users can view the history of channels, activities, apps, and conversations.

  1. Live Reactions

This is one of the interesting features of Microsoft teams app. With Live Reactions, the participants of a meeting can express their feelings to other team members during a meeting. To use this feature, the participants of a meeting can hover on ‘Show Reactions’ that can be found in the same location where ‘Raise Hand’ was previously located. This will reveal four new live reactions along with Raise Hand. These new reactions are like, laugh, love, and applause.

These are the newest Microsoft teams best features that you can start using in 2021 to make your meetings more productive. Many more Microsoft Teams business features have been introduced lately. Start exploring now!

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