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How do I use Microsoft Teams in my practice?

How do I use Teams in my practice

How do I use Teams in my practice?

Microsoft Teams offers a number of telemedicine features useful for hospitals and other Healthcare organizations. Allowing practices to work together when apart. Teams features are under development to aid hospitals with:

  • Virtual visits and with EMR integration
  • Teams policy packages
  • Secure Email and Chat messaging
  • Teams templates
  • Care coordination plus collaboration

This functionality is part of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.
More info. @ Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Easy access to information and applications
  • Home – a rich, visual dashboard that can be customized to provide quick access to dynamic content like schedules, videos, news, timesheets and more.
  • Best Practices and FAQ – an accordion-style section with answers to common questions to help home care workers.
  • Medical Apps – an easy and intuitive access to all external apps necessary for their job.
  • Services – meaningful tiles, providing direct links to critical care services.
  • Quick Links – a targeted list of links to external resources and websites.
Direct support to teams on the field
Compliant with healthcare regulations

Microsoft Teams meets all security and compliance requirements for healthcare organizations. Built on the secure and compliant Microsoft 365 cloud, it ensures HIPAA compliance and is compliant with standards such as HITRUST, SOC 1, SOC 2, GDPR, and more. But check with your Office 365 channel partner and HIPAA Office to make sure you have policies in place.


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