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5 Best Business Apps And Online Business Management Tools To Consider

Today, the digital world we live in requires businesses to maintain a strong online presence and use new innovative tech to keep their processes streamlined. Remote collaboration tools have gained immense popularity over the years as they eliminate the need for teams to sit in the same physical location and enhance productivity manifolds. Especially, in times of the pandemic when there’s a lockdown almost everywhere in the world, the need for these online collaboration tools and business apps can’t be stressed more. In fact, they have emerged as a savior for businesses to keep their operations going and stay productive even in these testing times.

So, what are the top apps and online business management tools for collaboration that would help you improve productivity? Let’s have a look.

  1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the best tools out there for teams to collaborate online and work together on important projects. It’s a unified platform for communications that combines your workplace chats with file storage, attachments, app integration, video meetings, and more. Using MS Teams, your project teams can collaborate through web conferences, and communicate using different mediums including chat, audio, and video. Teams allows your employees to communicate with their peers as well as anyone from outside your organization who may have a role in the scope of the project. The app offers complete integration with Office 365 apps and gives enough storage to each user for their everyday needs. You also get access to all the MS Office tools from one single place. MS Teams, certainly, takes your productivity to a new level.

  1. com

Another powerful platform for collaborative work management, Monday.com helps improve communication, foster efficient teamwork, and give a boost to your overall productivity. It is pretty easy to use and allows users to quickly adopt this new work environment, enabling teams to quickly pick up exactly where they had left off. With Monday.com, you can share files, ideas, and feedback besides being able to assign owners, @mention team members, give progress updates in real-time and see who is doing what at any point in time.

  1. Slack

Slack is among the pioneers in business management tools offering a variety of features to help your business teams thrive. With Slack, you can significantly improve your teams’ productivity and efficiency. It offers features like team chat, advanced search filters, and reminders to help your teams organize better. Besides, Slack allows for various cloud solution integrations like Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, slackbots can be used for automating different tasks.

  1. BITRIX24

For teams that need constant communication and have to share workload regularly, BITRIX24 is one of the best business apps out there. The app creates a social intranet for your teams to ensure better internal communications. It also makes employee workload management easier and allows telephone integration as well. It has customer relationship management features on offer as well.

  1. Zoho

Zoho is a user-friendly app for team collaborations offering a clean interface for easy management. The app brings plenty of useful features for better team management. Besides providing you the ability to save all your work on a project in a single place, the app allows for the integration of other elements like Recruit, Finance, CRM, etc. through different Zoho bundles.

Take your business to new heights through better collaboration and improved efficiency using one of these business management tools. These business apps will definitely make collaboration on your projects a lot easier.

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