Microsoft Teams features 2023

MS teams features 2023 - new tricks and tips

Microsoft Teams features in Meetings

Animated Backgrounds
The dynamic background feature in Teams Meetings allows you to replace their existing background with a dynamic animation for a more immersive virtual environment. It offers various options to enhance meeting experience with creativity and personalization according to their preferences.

Before a meeting starts, on the pre-join screen, select Effects and Avatars > Video effects and select a new animated background, identified by the small video icon in the bottom-left corner of the preview picture. During a meeting, you can select an animated background by clicking More > Effects and Avatars > Select a background.

Chat and collaboration

Updates to the chat message hover menu
Replying to a specific message in a chat thread or editing a message you’ve sent is now easier with an intuitive hover menu design. Alongside emojis and reactions, the hover menu now includes the reply button icon, making it easy to quickly reply to a received message. If you need to make an edit to a sent message, simply click on the edit icon button that shows up in the hover menu on sent messages.

Compact chat enhancements
Quickly scanning key information from your chats can improve your day’s productivity. To get the most of your conversations, you can now switch into compact mode which customizes the chat pane with time stamps, extra line breaks between each message and indicators informing who sent the message. Microsoft Teams features add compact mode also includes a compact chat list which hides the message preview content and allows more chats to be viewed from the chat list.

TASKS: Task lists sync in Microsoft Loop
Stay organized by keeping track of important actions with task syncing in Microsoft Loop. Tasks added to task lists in Microsoft Loop components will now be accessible in Microsoft Planner and To Do. Simply edit your task list component in Outlook or Teams and your changes will appear across apps, helping you stay on top of your tasks no matter which app you’re in.

Microsoft Teams features: On-demand recording
Once a webinar ends, organizers can publish the video recording and automatically send an email to attendees with a link to watch the video on-demand. The published video will be hosted on the online event page. A recording can be published from the recordings section within the webinar setup and management experience.

Collaborative Meeting Notes (Public Preview)
As Microsoft Loop Components started syncing with Planner and To Do, collaborative meeting notes was born. When you create a meeting, select Add an agenda everyone can edit at the bottom of the meeting form in Teams. Note that a meeting organizer using a mailbox stored on an on-premises Exchange server cannot add Meeting Notes until after the meeting is created

Instant Chats

Chat is one of the key features of Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s just with one person or with a group chat allows you to instantly message team members for quick discussions and feedback. You can even start a chat with yourself whenever you want to draft a message or even send a file from one device to another.

Chats is the fastest way to communicate with your team when you need to ask a question or send a file to a co-worker. And don’t worry about losing focus. Chat lets you mute conversations for those times when you need knuckle down and focus on your work.


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