7 New Office 365 Teams Features

Office 365 Teams Featuresf

More than 270 million people use Microsoft®. That’s almost double the number of workers, compared to 2021. Originally introduced as a chat-based workspace in Office 365, Team Exchange has fueled innovation through online collaboration for onsite, hybrid and remote workers.

Today, Microsoft continues to update its products with new features and apps, providing ways to make video, phone, and chat experiences even more engaging. We took a look at some of the less popular collaboration features and compiled a list of our favorites that we want to share with you. Try them out and see how these features can get the most out of your team’s software, increase the efficiency of your collaboration, and enhance your online experience. Get a guest user
Translation of online messages
Read the play aloud
Call quality monitoring
presentation view
White paper

1. Get a guest user
Creating a shared channel allows team channel owners to share their channel and interact with people inside or outside your organization. Your team members and guest user teams will need Azure AD B2B to connect directly for meeting access and security. This feature is great for working with trusted business partners to keep everyone connected. CORRELATO: AWS vs. Azure vs. Google: What Puts You on Cloud 9?

2. Translation of online messages
Online message translation allows users to translate group messages into specific languages ​​for their language settings. Email translation is delivered by default for your organization. You don’t need to make any changes if you want to allow users to use this feature in client groups.

If you receive messages in a language other than your native language on your desktop computer, select More options > To translate. The translation of the message in the language you have set for the Group will be displayed. More than 100 languages ​​are supported. 3. Read the play aloud
Hear group posts or chat messages read with Microsoft Immersive Reading. Just right-click a group message and select Immersive Reader from the drop-down menu. This learning tool offers a full screen reading experience, high quality text, and makes text pop as it is read. 4. Research
As the meeting organizer, you can create polls and run them before, during, or after the meeting. This poll will appear as a notification in the attendee’s meeting chat window. Polls are great for gathering general feedback, group login information, voting on what to have for lunch, or taking a quick quiz, instantly! Keep attendees engaged by adding polls to your next group meeting. This is still.

5. Call quality monitoring
Having trouble with your group video calls? Stop audio or video or block? You can check the status of your calls by clicking on … More > Call Health. On the right side, a panel will appear showing the technical status of your network, audio, video and screen sharing. These metrics are actually updated every 15 minutes. 6. Presentation view
When you share your screen during a presentation, you have options. Click Share > View Presenter and choose from the following four options:

Content Only: You’ll only share what’s on screen. This is the default option. Special: Use when you want to share your video from your computer’s camera and replace the background with the content displayed on the screen. Side-by-Side: Works great when you want to share your videos and slideshows in a two-sided format. It will show you right in front of your presentation. Reporter – It’s the idea you need to give your video presentation a proper and professional look. The shared content will be visible, above your right shoulder. As the host of the night!
After selecting the presenter view, click on the thumbnail of the screen you want to share. 7. White paper
Team meeting participants can collaborate directly through the Whiteboard app. Just click the Whiteboard tab at the top of the breakout window. Over 40 templates are included for creating ice breakers, brainstorming sessions and more! Engage attendees in your next team meeting and discover new ways to interact using enhancements like images, charts, notes, responsive icons, and inking tools.

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