AudioCodes vs Yealink VOIP phones for Microsoft Teams

List of AudioCodes and Yealink Phones for Teams

Microsoft Teams: The range of IP Phones with Audio Codes 400HD is very handy, easily usable and highly featured. It is most beneficial to all enterprise marketers and call center users. There are many IP phones based on the same technology of high-quality features. Some of these are explained as follows:

AudioCodes C435 HD IP Phone

Audio Codes C450 HD IP Phones

·    C45 HD Features

IP Phone series features

Yealink MP50

It is the ideal phone which has the features of a mobile phone as well as a computer. This device is basically designed for daily desktop work in the office. It has a user-friendly interface due to its touch screen and hands-free speaker.

Yealink MP54 for Teams

Yealink T55A for Teams

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